Mond Vodka - Our Secret Recipe

Mond Vodka Recipe

Wondering How is Vodka Made?

We have the answers to all your vodka questions and the truth behind our super secret recipe.

Found yourself wondering what actually goes into your favourite spirit? Or what is the difference between a vodka that is completely undrinkable vs a vodka that goes down so smoothly it dangerous?
Then this blog is for you.
Mond Vodka, Diamond Filtered Vodka
It dawned on us that while we can boast everyday about how incredible our vodka is (and it really is), majority of the population aren't going to understand what makes a premium vodka really worth that extra cost. 
That's why we've broken down the simple steps that have lead to us having smoothest vodka in the market place today. 

Mond vodka recipe super smooth

The Starting Point 

When we looked to develop Mond, we knew we wanted to do something truly different. 
From our branding, to our team dynamic, to the path we are trying to take, it's all unique to what has been done or is being done by other spirit brands.
We are innovative and exciting but what we also are is  luxury.
We wanted our liquid to be able to stand up against it's big competitors and win solely on it's taste. 
And with our clever creation process it does.
The vodka we've created is incredibly smooth, clean and pure. It's the perfect addition to any drink, and the easiest shot you'll ever take. 

How we make Mond Vodka

Before you get too excited, we have to warn you; we aren't about to reveal all our secrets. But we are going to give you a solid insight into our processes and why our vodka is a cut above the rest.

Step 1: The Ingredients 

Commonly people assume all vodka comes from potatoes but this isn't strictly true. Vodka can actually be distilled from a wide variety of sources, such as beets, fruits and the most common- grains.
In-fact the majority of the top vodkas, including our own Mond vodka, actually start life as a grain not a potato. 
Our vodka is technically made using the GNS from wheat.

Step 2: Distillation 

Once we have our initial ingredient, we start the process of making vodka. The still is charged and then heated using electricity, which we get 100% from renewable energy sources. 
This creates our distillation process, which requires around 12 hours to complete. 
We then make specific cuts to ensure we are left with only the top quality level spirit and leave this to mellow for multiple days. 

Step 3: Combining the ingredients 

After distillation the vodka is sitting around 85% ABV, and is definitely not something we would ever recommend drinking!
So in order to bring it down to a safe level, we combine it with Scottish water.
We use Scottish water because not only is it local to us, but it's clarity allows us to produce a fine vodka with a smooth crisp taste.

Step 4: Adding in the Diamonds 

After being combined with the water, our vodka sits are around 55% ABV. It is at this point that we begin our carbon filtration process which involves the use of diamonds. We choose to do this step to ensure we produce the highest quality vodka we physically can. 

Step 5: Bottling and Shipping

Our vodka is then tested to make sure it is at the appropriate bottling strength. Our team then hand label each bottle, manually ensuring the vodka poured into your bottle is perfect.
It is then ready to be shipped off around the world to our customers. 

Overall, the vodka process may seem rather simple but it has been carefully designed to produce the highest quality spirit you can find. 

If you want to learn more about our vodka and the team behind it, follow us on Instagram - @mondvodka - for regular updates.

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